Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Does the World Need Another Blog?

Would I be creating my first blog if it were not a windy winter's day, the first snowfall gradually leaking away into the already sodden garden, the sun struggling to make a statement?  Perhaps not.

I ask myself that very question and others:  why am I trying this experiment?  who is going  to want to be a reader?  which secrets might I reveal to titillate the audience / readership?

I have decided to use a blog as another prompt for my writing.  I am currently writing a novel which might never see the light of day in finalised form;  but I must write it.  My head buzzes with ideas about other writing, but where can they find an outlet?  I write a personal journal, with handwritten entries more days than not;  you needn't worry that I'm going to blog the endless wearisome details of my day to day life.  But I think like a writer:  when something interests me, a small word processor starts typing away in my brain, turning the experience into a mini-article for an imagined newspaper or magazine.  And now I think the blog may be the best destination for these 'articles'.

You can be either flattered or disgruntled to be one of my guinea pig group!  I  do not mind if you choose never to read what I write: why should you?  But by creating a group of invited readers, I am putting a little pressure on myself to come up with some posts that will be of interest to you.   I have no idea what the next post may concern!  Keats whispers in my ear a reminder about Negative Capability;  OK John-boy!  Let's see where the experiment leads!


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  2. Mea culpa mea culpa ... bumped into the dustbin and deleted the entry - but here it comes again ...
    Carol Fereday said...

    Bravo Morag - delighted to be invited to join you on this journey of discovery. Am curious to see what will develop over time ... it could be the catalyst that forces both of us to finish both our novels. On y va!

  3. Excellent move, Morag! I like the idea of reclaiming the word 'retirement'. I am never quite sure how to describe myself these days - self employed? social enterprise founder? trainer? director? homemaker? granny? I am all of these, but like to think I can defy all labels and just be me, a women who has ceased to earn a wage and who is consequently free to embrace new possibilities.

    Keep on sharing your writing - you will always have plenty of those who want to keep on reading.